Features of the Fresh Air

Fresh Air  is proud to offer an innovative solution to effectively eliminate unpleasant odors and help reduce well-documented germ-containing aerosol spray produced by normal toilet use and flushing. Fresh Air is the perfect solution for your home, business, and assisted living facility.

This innovative-patented vented seat simply activated by a flip of a bathroom light switch, odors and aerosol that contain contaminants such as germs, bacteria, and viruses are then inconspicuously exhausted outside the residence or building.

Why Choose Fresh Air?

Fresh Air is easy to install and easy on the pocket.

Once you’ve got it you’ll never go back!

Even More Features!

  • Compatible with conventional toilet cisterns, including most international toilets.
  • Removes odors directly from the toilet bowl.
  • Easily fitted to existing toilets without the need to removed or re-model.
  • Saves you money on air fresheners.
  • Out of sight and out of mind.
  • Easy to install and easy on the pocket.
  • Meets and exceeds all US Standards.
  • Keeps your bathroom smelling fresh.
  • Bad odors will never embarrass you again.
  • A non-chemical and hygienic alternative for the removal of odors.
  • Clean and hygienic way to remove toilet odors.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Consumes less than 1% of the electricity used by ceiling exhaust fans.

What Client’s Say

What a fantastic seat! No smells from the toilet and no steam or condensation in my bathroom! Unbelievable! We no longer have to keep the fan on 5 minutes as odor and steam are removed instantly. I wouldn’t dream building or renovating a bathroom now without incorporation the Fresh Air product.
Patrick Murphy
My view is that Fresh Air should be compulsory on every toilet or bathroom; it’s a brilliant way to keep your bathroom fresh,free of bacteria and well ventilated!
Nicole Adams