How does the Fresh Air toilet seat work?

The unique design of the Fresh Air eliminates odors in homes, businesses, restaurants, hotels, and more. Hospitals and long-term care facilities can benefit from the Fresh Air by eliminating odors caused by Crohn’s disease, rectal cancer, Celia disease, gastroenteritis, ulcerative colitis, and others.

Don’t just mask odors!

Don’t just mask the odors with expensive chemicals, flowery sprays, or scented candles, end bathroom odors today! Fresh Air will eliminate odors while keeping your heating and cooling bills in check.

More Volume!

The internal volume of the toilet is 15-20 liters (0,015 cubic meters), and the volume of bathroom is about 7,000 – 15,000 liters (7 – 15 cubic meters). The difference is huge in volume of air to be removed from the bathroom after each visit. This vast difference in air volume accounts for considerable waste expenses for the homeowner and business.Without Fresh Air the large volume of air in the bathroom must be removed after each visit.

Saves Energy!

When using the bathroom in summer time,ceiling fan has to remove ALL bad air which is in the bathroom and replace it the with fresh air from outside and A/C unit has to cool the fresh air to comfortable room temperature (which is equivalent 15 cubic meter of air ,while with our product it’s only 0,015 cubic meter of air has to be replaced). It’s very efficient and cost effective .(saves Energy).

How the Fresh Air toilet seat venting works

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