Fresh Air Plus The only toilet seat
with the built in fan.


Say goodbye to unsavory bathroom odors


There is a problem that everyone knows and faces every day, yet we refuse to speak about it. We decided it was time to end the silence on this taboo subject and solve this problem that plagues us all: bathroom odor. No longer does one need to feel embarrassed about bathroom usage, because the Fresh Air Plus toilet seat eliminates unsavory odors to create a comfortable and dare we say, pleasant experience for all.



The Fresh Air Plus might look like your regular toilet seat, but it is so much more. When you sit down on the seat, the fan turns on to automatically dispense unpleasant smells through the vent, leaving no odor evidence behind. Simply attach the Fresh Air Plus toilet seat to your existing toilet, plug it in and connect the hose to a vent outside to push the smells out. This leaves the air fresh for the next user and keeps you safe from any socially awkward situations.

It’s time to rid everyone of that troublesome and fearful bathroom experience. Help us make the Fresh Air Plus a standard in every household by supporting our Kickstarter campaign - together, we can make bathroom odors a thing of the past!





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