Fresh Air is proud to offer an innovative solution to effectively eliminate unpleasant odors and help reduce well-documented germ-containing aerosol spray produced by normal toilet use and flushing.

Fresh Air toilet seat is a  patented unique revolutionary bathroom vent system where the vent attaches directly to your toilet to stop odors at the source so your bathroom always smell clean.

There are changes in the air

“We are committed to improving the quality and value of your home with our new product, Fresh Air toilet seat. Our innovative odorless toilet design and vacuum system efficiently removes toilet odors and bacteria straight from the toilet bowl to the outside, maintaining an odor free bathroom for your family and guests.” When someone uses a toilet,odor and bacteria not only fills the bathroom itself – it moves throughout your home. Ceiling fans just add to the problems! They pull the bacteria and odor out of the toilet bowl and spread them on to your tooth brushes, towels, carpets and clothing.

  • Compatible with conventional toilet cisterns, including most international toilets.
  • Removes odors directly from the toilet bowl.
  • Easily fitted to existing toilets/bathrooms without the need to removed or re-model.
  • Easy to install and easy on the pocket.
  • Once you’ve got it you’ll never go back!

Fresh air is perfect for any location



Assisted Living

The system is energy efficient and an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional ceiling exhaust fans.

One day we hope the Fresh Air toilet seat becomes mandatory for all toilets sold in US and in the World!

What our satisfied customers say:

The Fresh Air seat was suggested to us by friend as a better option than a normal exhaust fan in our new home. I needed to be convinced this wasn’t just another “gimmick product”. However, after speaking with a Fresh Air specialist we realized it made sense to install good ventilation. We love the Fresh Air Seat!
Patrick Murphy
My view is that Fresh Air should be compulsory on every toilet or bathroom; it’s a brilliant way to keep your bathroom fresh,free of bacteria and well ventilated. Our bathroom is now inviting room of the house and we no longer worry about who had visited it before us!”
Nicole Adams
When we have some guests at home and someone used the bathroom it becomes very embarrassing situation.But after we installed Fresh Air seat life is much more pleasant. It solved the problem and helped the odor,and don’t feel all the bacteria floating around.
Stephen Roy

How does it work?

  • Easy to install and easy on the pocket. Any handyman can do it!
  • Meets and exceeds all US Standards.
  • When using the bathroom in summer time,ceiling fan has to remove ALL bad air which is in the bathroom and replace it the with fresh air from outside and A/C unit has to cool the fresh air to comfortable room temperature (which is equivalent 15 cubic meter of air ,while with our product it’s only 0,015 cubic meter of air has to be replaced). It’s very efficient and cost effective .(saves Energy).
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Save money, energy and never be embarrassed by bad bathroom odors again!

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